New Album Release; “THE”


Release date: 2.22.22

Composer’s note:

The multiple components of this complex of pieces are impacted by living in a multicultural environment that is surrounded and complicated by diversity. This environment has generated a compositional identity that serves to both render itself and to reconsider its place within a context of diversity that includes preceding influences. The regeneration and rethinking of various concepts demands improvisation, which Kamancheh accomplishes on this album by anchoring dialogic free-play inside the fluid flow of creative expression, much as the growing roots swarm the creator’s face in the image. Convergence of identity also prompts deviating from the traditional orchestra’s acoustic positionality, which is accomplished through the use of virtual sample instruments (except for Kamancheh, all sounds on this album are VST samples), while maintaining a practice of listening to the resultant sound on an individual basis without taking into account the sound source’s context—social, political, cultural, etc.—even though the pieces were purposefully constructed to represent societal concerns. Although various binaries such as east/west, live/virtual, singular/plural may be seen in this anthology, there is no effort to infer any specific subjectivities, and the composer considers all of them as subsets of a wider complex.

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