“probable”- David Danel- Czech Republic

“probable” probably for (probably for solo) instrument (probably string)

“Probable” is a series of pieces that have the performer involve the compositional process and this collaboration in some part are indispensable. As a researcher working on the notion “Music Perception”, the composer tries to involve the performer’s taste, opinion, intelligence, experience, and sensibility as a rich source of perception to the pieces and he sees this contribution to the musical collaboration somehow beyond the definition of experimental music. “Probable” changes the traditional performance sequence of reading-comprehension-preparation-production and encounters the performer with his own series of tasks that is obviously different from person to person. The writing of this series is started with the commission by the violinist David Danel and it has become an ongoing piece of art for the composer.

Ravi Kittappa
Ramin Akhavijou
Joshua Stamper
Shervin Abbassi
Chaz Underriner
Darina Žurková
Daniel Matej

June 25th, 2020
Kroměříž, Czech Republic